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The Data Story Guide Academy

Learn Fast. Grow Faster.

Advance your data analysis skills and learn how to craft compelling data stories. The Data Story Guide Academy is the leader in online training for business people who work with data. There are courses for everyone, from people starting out with data through to market researchers, data analysts, and data scientists.

Why Learn with The Data Story Guide Academy

The Data Story Guide Academy was created to offer an easier, more affordable way to learn data skills. Traditional methods like university courses or expensive programs were often complex, incomplete, inflexible and costly. The Academy provides comprehensive data training that's accessible and straightforward, addressing these challenges.

Learn What You Need, When You Need It

Whether you’re beginning, changing or advancing your career, our courses offer the ultimate flexibility to suit your career in data.

Keeping You Up To Date

As new tools, techniques, and theories continually emerge in the data arena, staying informed ensures that you remain competitive and effective in your field. The Data Story Guide Academy enhances your skill set but also allows you to apply the most current and efficient methods to your data analysis projects, ensuring that your work remains relevant and impactful in a constantly changing environment.


Meet the Team Behind the Data Story Guide Academy

Andrew Kelly

Quantitative Research Specialist

Cristin McCurdy

Quantitative Research Specialist

Tim Bock

Data Scientist

Natalie Brown

Data Story Designer

Your Plan with The Data Story Academy

1. Sign up to the Data Story Guide Academy

Invest in yourself and your career by staying up to date on the latest data trends with industry experts.

2. Pick and Choose Your Learning Path

You can pick and choose your own learning path. Just do the courses or continue through the certification exam.

3. Share Your Success

Add certifications to your LinkedIn profile to show your current or future employer that when it comes to data, you know your stuff.

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